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Compatable Hardware

LPC Xpresso 1769 from NXP

This is my personal favorite. It's cheaper, but more versatile, but a lot more work to put together. (You enjoy hacksaws and soldering irons, right?)

The LPCXpresso 1769 comes in a plain paper envelope. (To protect my privacy?)

and here it is:

The LPCXpresso LPC1769

The board is made in two halves: the left half is the JTAG programmer, the right half is the board itself. The left half does not work with any Linux / Open-source tools; ie: it is worthless. We will cut it off with a hacksaw.

Yes, really.

Using a hacksaw to remove excess hardware.

Make sure to cut to the JTAG side, and away from the LPCXpresso itself:

Board is mostly cut

Board has been cut

We will touch it up with a dremel tool and a flat file:

Ground planes are the (horrible, evil) bane of my soldering existence. This board has 3 ground pins. Let's solder them first:

Three ground pins

LPCXpresso with most headers installed

Ethernet kit from Switch Science (some assembly required)

Ethernet (and all other headers) mounted onto the Xpresso

I like to add epoxy in between the two boards, for extra strength:

Epoxy between main board and ethernet board.

Getting ready to mount the LPCXpresso:

The final board, with LPCXpresso1769

Once you have more than two eFirmatas, it's easy to lose track of which one is which. So I shall christen thee: bluestripe.

A strip of blue electrical tape, to identify the board.